TWC- The Wonderful Club – Yoga


TWC- The Wonderful Club was started in October 2008 by Professor (late) Wasiq Mehmood at Model Town Park, Lahore. Professor had a yearn that people must exercise as a preventive or alternate medicine. He used to invite the people to join his exercise session . Mostly he chanted a slogan “WONDERFUL” . Professor trained a young, dedicated man Mr. Muhammad Azam. Mr. Azam is an engineer and doing job in an oil company. He was transferred to Karachi.

Mr. Azam started first chapter of TWC at Gulshan e Hadeed, Karachi and after that Al-Murtaza Park, PECHS, Karachi. He trained a team in Karachi to expand the message of TWC.

In 2012 Mr. Azam again transferred to Lahore, where he continued his mission which is expanding day & night. He has trained a team of ladies & gents who are providing these services without any interest.

Click here to visit official site of TWC- The Wonderful Club.

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